We offer our clients the latest technology, high quality, reliable & cost effective hardware and software solutions to meet their requirements.

KEDU's wide scope of business integrates ease, functionality and technology into effective, environmentally- friendly business solutions that provide optimum output for both private and corporate consumers. Services range from consultation to management and include:


Extensive facilities involving computer technology and software engineering improve the efficiency for safety. KEDU assures unique services in automation to operate your home and industries and control automatically or with remote controls. Anytime and from anywhere our automated machines guides you for involuntary automation where the services delivered via touch screen kiosks with separate compartments for a variety of uses.

Safe storage and efficient operational facilities make your place fully automatic. Compartments for automated machines are allocated per transaction, based on specific size and weight requirements. KEDU’s automation process intent not only buildings, but also a service that serve for the society also.


Stay up to date in the changing technology is a prior consideration of KEDU. We adopt the latest innovative technology to familiar with the most modern easy operations. We are your "Solutions Architect" with a perfect technical solution. We are at the footsteps of our customers for their technological requirement. Best product and best solution with the inevitable technology is our prime aim.

Access to the leading markets that holds the digital market is guaranteed by implementing multiple hardware and software environments.


KEDU’s Building Management System (BMS) is a computer controlled technology for buildings installed to control and monitor its mechanical and electrical equipment. Ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems of the buildings are well managed through our BMS. We have the best consultation and implementation for our beneficiaries.

A flawless building operation ensures the total safety and protects all your assets. The management services are wide and varied to all our successors including owners, tenants and maintenance companies.


You always need to keep a track of everything to certify your safety. Here is the solution. Automated and remote controlled CCTVs, motion detectors, door alarms and security systems keep you awake even in your sleep. Homes, offices, buildings and complexes are networked with proper communication from internal and external threats with a proper connection with the police and/or security agencies.

We also provide other security solutions such as sirens & flashers, heat & gas detectors, pool gate guards, advanced defence and tracking management for your 100 percent safety. With structured cabling properly designed, installed and administrated that can fully support and satisfy the safety equipments improves your quality of life without any threat.


KEDU is centred on the proactive performance management of technology on behalf of a customer on a subscription basis. The Managed Services pick up the responsibility to monitor and manage. Selected IT system and problem solution is two basic factors KEDU taken for consideration. We act to be the complete solution for your safety and technological hurdles such as IT, telephony, applications, etc.

We oversee on a proactive basis and manage responsibilities for a strategic method to improve operations cutting your expenses. Customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems optimizing security domains are our responsibility. KEDU is your ultimate solution provider.


KEDU have a dynamic, resilient and secure network infrastructure to deliver a stable IT platform. A cost effective flexible IT infrastructure with the leading technology and paradigm available in the market maximize the productivity and favour the structure of Information Technology. Proper communication networks and monitoring the performance of each network make your IT interferences favourable and active with cost effectiveness.

Easy transition facilities making IT an entertainment and safer is simple with KEDU services. For a unified communication consolidation of existing environment in modern IT field, KEDU is your perfect choice.